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What is a breast MRI? 
Breast MRI is a supplemental tool used in the detection of breast cancer and other breast abnormalities.

Using MRI technology, these 3D images can give your doctor more information.

When paired with mammography, ultrasound, and regular breast examinations, breast MRI aids in early and accurate diagnosis.

Breast MRI has become useful in screening high risk patients, preoperative evaluation for known cancers, and following the response of cancers to treatment.

Magnetic Imaging of Paris, our 1.5 T Open Bore MRI system offers a larger opening than does a closed MRI system to minimize feelings of claustrophobia without affecting the ability of the device to capture high-field quality diagnostic images.

Exam Prep 
Metallic and surgical implants or accidentally implanted metallic objects can interfere with MRI exams in a way that is hazardous to the patient.

Patients should schedule this exam within 10 days after their menstrual cycle.

If you have any of the following, you should NOT undergo an MRI:
Implanted defibrillator or pacing device 
Cochlear implants 
Aneurysm clips within the brain 
Spinal cord or deep brain stimulators 

Other metallic devices are potential hazards. Please inform the personnel and physicians at our facilities if you have any of the following items:
Heart valves 
Infusion ports and catheters 
Insulin pumps 
Vascular stents 
Artificial limbs or joint implants 
Metal pins, screws, plates or surgical staples

For patient health and safety, we require a simple x-ray screening for metal workers or others with a history of metal shrapnel in the eyes before they enter the MRI scanner.